How We Work


We meticulously follow infection control guidelines published by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Hawaii Occupational Safety and Health (HIOSH) Division. This includes pre-screening every person who enters the office for COVID-19, routinely disinfecting surfaces touched between contacts, using disinfection fogging in treatment rooms between patients, using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), sterilizing all instruments between patient use, and minimizing the use of aerosols during treatment. Our emphasis on safety also includes the use of digital radiography and selection of non-toxic restorative materials. Every member of the team is certified in Basic CPR for Healthcare Providers and know how to use our AED.


We rigidly follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to protect the confidentiality and secure storage of patient records. Our Electronic Health Records (EHR) are maintained in encrypted digital format on a server that is stored in a locked room and backed up via the cloud. All electronic communications are transmitted via encrypted email. Finally, the facility is protected by an alarm service and exterior video cameras.


We appreciate that dentistry impacts each person's concerns health, function, and appearance in intimate and individual ways. Our kind and gentle approach involves a thorough examination to diagnose abnormal conditions and dental diseases, educate each patient about his or her conditions, and provide comprehensive treatment options that may be completed immediately, or over a reasonable period of time. Our kind and gentle approach also applies to the selection of treatment modalities and operative techniques in an effort to make each visit as pleasant and painless as possible.


We have been using digital radiography to minimize radiation exposure to patients for the past decade. We recently installed new dental units in the operatories and completely renovated our sterilization room. Dr. Amjadi reads the latest dental journals, participates in dental study clubs, and attends continuing education courses. Our dental hygienists and assistants also attend continuing education classes and read dental journal articles.